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The benefits that dsales give you are product sales, sending product offers to prospects, Contact Management, Content Management, Product share by QR code, a collaboration room for the chat with prospects, and other features.

dsales is the only reliable solution to grow your digital product or service

You can manage your product or service yourself. Submit your product or service proposal to Prospects instantly. You can create your contact list, and send them your product or service offer. There is a collaboration room to discuss prospects. You can do everything easily.

Totally simple and effective

Send offers through dsales for digital sales.

With dsales you can create your own contact list. And in them, you can send offers for your products or services. The people to whom you send the offer must be able to see your offer. Prospects will accept your offer or send you feedback. You can also send a replay of the prospect's message using the dsales collaboration room.

This method is very simple and effective for digital sales.

Upload the content you need. And use anywhere.

dsales has Content-Hub features for content management. Where you can upload your required content. And you can use them anywhere as needed. You can create separate content groups to organize content. It is very easy and secure with a feature that is very effective.

Content Types
  • Files,Images

  • Link

  • Plain Text

Digital Sales

You can sell your digital goods or services through dsales.

Contact Management

Using this platform you can create a contact list. And there is also facility to import contacts.

Send a digital offer

You can send an offer to purchase your product or service to your desired contact list. They will receive this offer via email, and either accept the offer or give you feedback through the collaboration room.

Share your products/services

To share your product or service, you will get a unique link of the product and QR code, by sharing which you can increase your sales.

Content-Hub features

You can upload your required content in Content-Hub option. You can also upload plain text. Which later you can use them as per your need.

Order Management

Using dsales, you can easily manage customer orders and offer acceptance lists.

Got Questions? Look Here

Answers to some common questions about our platform. Please go through the questions and answers below carefully.

How do I create a merchant account?

To become a merchant at dsales, you must first complete an account from our signup option. Then activate any package and get the benefits of merchant account. The pricing of the package must be seen in our pricing option. We do not make any commission per sale of your product or service.

How does the contact list work?

You must send an offer to a buyer or company to sell your product or service. You must have their email or phone number to send this offer. You can complete the process of sending offers to these emails through dsales. So you can create a contact list in dsales. And can send offers to them. Here you can upload csv file.

How does the collaboration room work?

Collaboration room is basically chat room. Using which a prospect will give feedback on your sent offer and discuss with you through messaging.In collaboration room you can invite more people if you want. It is an excellent tool to maintain customer relations and increase sales.

How to increase sales through dsales?

We know selling products or services is not easy at all. But you can easily sell digital goods or services through dsales. For example, sending an offer to a company in a standard way, confirming the order by chatting with that company through the collaboration room. Manage multiple company contacts at once. Increase sales through QR code sharing. In this way dsales is by your side to help and assist you in every task.

Will my contact lists be safe?

Of course, dsales always follows Germany Data privacy law. As a result, your desired contact list and your personal information will be completely safe. In this regard, each of our users and merchants also follows the Germany Data privacy policy.

Will I pay any commission on each sale of my product or service?

No, We do not charge any commission for selling products or services. We only charge one time per subscription of our merchant. In this case, our pricing options provide detailed benefits along with the price and duration of each package. Please accept your desired package.

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